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We design, deploy and provide licenses for the use of the SurfsTeK GlobaLinQ System (SGLS), a web-based software architecture tailored to the e-Traveling business. The SGLS solution, entirely developed, owned and hosted by SurfsTeK, comprises a number of key modules, including:


SODD (SurfsTeK Online Distribution Database)

A state-of-the-art Hotel Distribution Database and a fully-fledged booking portal backend, hosting more than 300,000 Hotels worldwide today, including but not limited to all the major hotel chains and global brands. This web-based system and the related applications are based on the most advanced Microsoft Technologies. By means of API interfaces provided by SurfsTeK, licensed OTA (Online Travel Agent) customers can gain access to an amazingly broad hotel portfolio at very competitive rates.



A free-of-charge International Mobile Roaming system. With this service, business and leisure travellers can receive and place calls maintaining their existing local mobile phone number without incurring into expensive roaming charges while traveling to destinations overseas.



A secure credit card payment gateway supporting major cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

An online booking portal, connected to the SurfsTeK’s Online Distribution Database backend (SODD), allowing end users to seamlessly book hotel rooms worldwide at very convenient rates. Users who made a hotel reservation overseas through, during their permanence abroad, benefit from FreeTalk, the Free-Of-Charge mobile roaming service supported by SurfsTeK’s RoamSurfs technology.

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