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Internet of Things (IoT)

Building high-performing IoT solutions

We have proven experience for developing IoT solutions.

Our engineers have developed custom hardware, IoT devices with unique sensors, and used existing sensors of mobile devices. Our innovative engineers can help you to bring your IoT project to the next phase of development.

We have worked with both enterprise and new start-up companies for their IoT projects, including extensive data collection from devices such as machine information and system health status, our engineers have successfully integrated our IoT solutions into a broad IoT suite ecosystem where the information needed to be stored efficiently for future use.

IoT Application Development

Our team of engineers build custom applications that harness the power of connected and communicated devices in a secure and intelligent fashion, to drive new level of business intelligence with next-generation Internet of Things products.

Embedded Engineering

We use microcontroller-based boards, System on Chip (SOC) boards, Single Board Computer (SBC) and purpose-built boards with Wi-Fi, cellular and fast ethernet interface to develop IoT devices with web server as a secure cloud-based backend gateway to interact with the IoT devices via the intelligent web services of the modern APIs.

Innovative IoT Device

We connect existing enterprise and consumer into the IT landscape to capitalise on the Internet of Things, enabling connected devices to become the valuable assets that gather, store, analyse data, customer engagement, monitoring and manage crucial data.

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